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The Force offers coaches and players many options for allowing your team the most productive and efficient practice times.  The entire field house and courts spaces are completely unencumbered which allows the space to be divided by movable divider nets.

Force Sports Dayton turf can be rented in different size configurations to suit your needs 
Please visit us to check out the brand new turf field being installed 9/6/2017

Full Field: 80 yards x 40 yards
3/4 Field: 60 yards x 40 yards 
1/2 Field: 40 yards x 40 yards
1/4 Field: 20 yards x 40 yards

Force Sports Dayton Sport Courts & Tennis Courts can be rented on an hourly basis 
(5) Indoor Tennis Courts
(6) Indoor Volleyball Courts

For Rental Information and Cost please contact Caroline (Facility Manager):
937-276-3978 (Front Desk)

GR Rodenfels, General Manager