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Division Descriptions

Open, AA, A: Very advanced. College level or better players. Must have played at this level in prior sessions or have league director approval.

BB: Advanced. High school and/or college level players or players with years of experience playing higher level volleyball. You should know what a 5-1 and 6-2 offense are and have an understanding of how to run either. Usually teams in this division have played together for a long time.

LB, B, UB: Intermediate. This division is for players who have a few sessions under their belt. The team has played together for awhile and has consistently finished high in the rankings and is working their way up.
(Lowest) LB -> B -> UB (highest)
LB and UB are typically just used for league play, not tournaments.

C: Beginner. All new teams should start here unless they have league director approval. While for beginners, it is still very competitive and fun. You should NOT be jump serving, running middle hitters or any advanced type of offense in this division. If you even know what a 5-1 is, you should be playing in a higher division. If you finish in the top 2 in regular season or playoffs, you can move up a division for the next session.

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Jeremy Kinches


Fall Adult Volleyball Tournaments

September 16th Dave's Draw
Draw Coed 4s (sign up with partner)

September 23rd  Rustbuster
Coed 6s

September 30th Coed Shorties
6' & under Coed 6s

October 7th Dave's Draw
RevCo Draw

October 14th Men's & Women's 6s
Men's & Women's 6s

October 21st VolleyBOO!
Costumed Coed 6s

October 28th RevCo
Reverse Coed 4s

October 31st Halloween Mini-Tourney
Coed 4s

November 4th Men's & Women's Shorties
M/W 6'/5'8" & under 6s

November 11th Dave's Draw
Draw Coed 4s

November 18th Top Gun Tune-Up
Competitive Men's & Women's 6s

November 25th Dave's Draw
RevCo Draw

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